Being good is good business (Anita Roddick)

Quotation request for a mortgage loan.

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And the trouble is: if you don't risk anything, you risk even more. (Erica Jong) Yes, I would like to receive an offer for a mortgage loan. I've already calculated the monthly amortization at DefA's rates (but would like to see this confirmed).
The aim of this request is to receive a confirmation from DefA Finance that I can be considered for the chosen combination and to get a clearer view on what the following steps are to turn this request into a definitive credit offer (letter of credit).
At the bottom of this request I can ask more personal and specific questions.
Therefore I fully fill in this request form:

Purchase price (parcel or property): -EUR
Abstract of title costs: -EUR Click here to calculate them for Belgium
Cost of (additional) construction / renovation: -EUR
Public notary costs and fees: -EUR Click here to calculate them for Belgium.
Loan amount: -EUR
Duration wanted: year (s)
Variability wanted:
Optional: Chosen rate CAP
(= the maximum percentage that the interest rate can increase or decrease during the whole term):
Chosen Interest Rate: %  Click here to check the rate

What's the address of the house you want to purchase?
Street: Number:
Zipcode: City:

  My Data My Partner's
First Name:
Date of birth:
Place of Birth:
Civil Citizenship:
Street: Number:
Zipcode: City:
Number Test-Aankoop/Test-Achats:
How long do you already live on the present address? Year(s)

So far your personal data, we would like to point out that it's important that this information is fully and correctly filled in.
Now we only need your financial data:

  My Data My Partner's
Address Employer:
Street + number:
Zipcode + City:
Date of entry:
Net monthly income from employer: -EUR -EUR
Other net income p.m: -EUR -EUR

We have child(-ren) and receive -EUR family allowance for them.
We our main residence since and pay -EUR rent/amortization a month.

Data Current Mortgage Loan: in EUR (you only have to fill this in if you're already owner)
Amount CompanyDateDurationAmortization

Data Other Loan(s): in EUR
Amount CompanyDateDurationAmortization

If you would like to add some clarifications/information, then you can do this below:

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enig! As soon as we receive your request we'll process your data and let you know our decision within 72 hours by e-mail.

Privacy law: The given data can and will be managed only by DefA Finance BVBA and won't be, in any case, given to third party for commercial aims (However, if you decide, after getting this personalised offer, to hand in the request in order to obtain a definite offer, the most important data will be transferred to the mortgager). You also have the individual right to look in and correct the data you've given to DefA Finance BVBA. On simple written demand we transfer you the stored data for correction or verification. DefA Finance retains the right to keep their clients posted about possible new initiatives and, evolution of the rate, etc of which we mean it could be useful for the client. If you, for any reason, don't want to receive this any longer, then a simple request (by any means of contact) is enough to stop it. By sending this quotation request you agree with our privacy policy.