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Life insurance

DefA Finance is chosen as "Best Buy" by Test Aankoop for mortgage related life insurances A life insurance covers the possible decease of a person during the period of the loan. This means that the partner or relatives don't (fully) have to pay back the remaining debt of the mortgage loan.
So this is a very useful insurance! Moreover the insurance premium is deductible from your Belgian taxes. Some financial institutions will oblige you to subscribe such an insurance to cover up for the mortgage loan, but this is seldom the case for a second residence.

It is important to point out that life insurance should be subscribed in the country where you have your main residence. If for example you live in the USA and are buying a second property in France, you should subscribe your life insurance in the US.
We can help you with life insurance if your main residence will be Belgium, France ,Luxemburg, Monaco or the Netherlands.

  • DefA Finance constantly searches and compares the most important market players to look for the most advantaged premium for you. As a result, premiums are up to 50% cheaper than premiums of common market players! That is the reason why we are certified by Belgium's premier consumer organisation.

50% cheaper ???...

..., indeed! Whereas consumers have learned to think more cost-conscious about mortgage loan rates, they often forget to do the same regarding insurance premiums.
Much too often cheap interest rates (and the related reduced profit for the financial institution) of a mortgage loan are compensated by asking a high insurance premium!

DefA Finance has a totally different approach and, being a totally independant insurance broker, we select the best premium for every person, given his specific risk (male, female, smoker, non-smoker).
If you know an insurance premium of a life insurance easily costs a few hundred euros payable during many years, then it's obvious that you can save a lot of money via DefA Finance.

So don't forget to ask for a quotation request.

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House insurance

The financial institution always asks that the property is sufficiently insured against fire, water and snow. This is perfectly logical because if the house would burn down, they would loose their guarantee.
Here too, as an independant insurance broker, we negotiated very affordable premiums that can easily be up to 30% cheaper than elsewhere.
Once more we were selected "Best Buy" by Belgium's premier consumer organisation Test-Achats.
We can help you with your house insurance for properties in Belgium, France and Luxemburg.

  • Crystal-clear tarification: 9,90 EUR / insured 10.000 EUR a year (+15,75% taxes) (for Belgium, other countries on request)
  • For newly-built houses a discount of 50% the first year.
  • Only quality insurance policies from market leaders like AXA or AG Insurance.


30% cheaper ???

As we never use hollow words we invite you to calculate your premium underneath!
Calculate your premium House Insurance
Insured amount building (=price of rebuilding the property in new condition): EUR
Insured amount furniture: (default = 35%) EUR
Your net annual premium: EUR
Your annual premium all taxes included: EUR
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