Being good is good business (Anita Roddick)

An introduction

If you do things well, do them better (Anita Roddick) DefA Finance b.v.b.a. was founded in 1996 and engages itself as independent mortgage broker in only one specific item:Mortgage loans and attached insurances..
It's this independence that allows DefA Finance to look for companies who offer something special and that is only positive for you, the consumer.
Having a pretty substantial yearly turnover of realised files, DefA Finance has become significant market player, and this thanks to the supply with thorough objective and neutral information.
On this site you can find a wealth of information that we try to explain as clear as possible. Any means of contact you have with DefA Finance will always be free of charge.
This however doesn't mean that DefA Finance earns nothing! Just like any other mortgage broker DefA Finance gets certain revenues if we can bring a certain file to a good end. Even if you can't pass, for any reason a certain company, DefA Finance can still make a difference regarding life insurance and fire insurance. Keep in mind: you can ask us anything, we will treat your demands or questions personally and detailed. We will never ask money, the only thing we do ask is to be trusted.

DefA Finance b.v.b.a.
Dorp-Oost 20
9080 Lochristi (Ghent-East)
Tel: 09/346.86.26
Fax: 09/367.87.04

CBFA 36701

Contact person for possible remarks etc: Dekesel Jean-Marc

Territorial expanse:
DefA Finance provides mortgage loans for as far as the property given in forfeit is located in Belgium (Cap Sud for France + Monaco).
People living or working in another country can apply for a mortgage loan if the above is fulfilled.